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At Comprehensive Fitness,  we realize that every individual is different as our client base ranges in age from 6 years old to 83, along with sports athletes beginning from elementary school all the way to collegiate athletes. With that, we customize each program according to our clients specific needs and goals with added features of nutritional planning and even offer meal prepping to assist each client to attain their personal goals even faster.

meet the trainers

Sully & Audra Leggett

in our CLIENTS words

Audra and Sully Leggett have a combined 16 years of fitness and personal training experience. This includes weight loss, lean muscle building, strength and conditioning, speed and agility for all sports, and nutrition. Together they hold multiple certifications for CPT, sports-related training, biomechanics and nutrition. Their passion is to help both individuals and teams to achieve their goals and make a positive impact on people’s lives. 


Throughout their career, they have helped individuals make life changing goals ranging from a weight loss goal of 125 pounds in one year, to helping numerous athletes make it from high school into college sports, to stepping on the stage for NPC Oklahoma they have also helped multiple clients of age 50 and up to simply regain balance, strength and energy. 


Their passion is to help teach, train and change the mindset that this is a life long journey and not just a short term goal. 

Before owning his own gym, Sully held the position of fitness director of a top fitness facility that was once affiliated with Tulsa Bone and Joint. Along with her passion for health and wellness, Audra has recently added to her repertoire the title of Registered Nurse. 

Dan Merrill

Pitcher NEO A&M

Sully got me in the best shape I have ever been in, I highly recommend Comprehensive Fitness to any age person who wants to get in shape!

Boone Lasater

Shortstop Labette College

I got bigger, faster, and stronger and immediately I saw huge increases in strength, speed, and also an increase in my weight. With his help I was able to get a scholarship to play baseball and excel in my college season.

Mason Stout

Pitcher Broken Arrow High School

I signed up to increase my speed and agility to help get me scouted and prepared for college, We worked on techniques to help me move faster and more explosively. His strength workouts added 3-4 mph to all of my pitches. if you want to take your game to the next level Comprehensive Fitness is the place.


"Sully & Audra have a depth of knowledge both in strength training, diet & implementation of a personalized health plan that suits me! I give them a

5 star rating"

pat highland

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