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Our Mission

At Comprehensive fitness,  we realize that every individual is different as our client base ranges in age from 6 years old to 83, along with sports athletes beginning from elementary school all the way to collegiate athletes. With that, we customize each program according to our clients specific needs and goals with added features of nutritional planning and even offer meal prepping to assisting each client to attain their personal goals even faster.

Our programs range from sports specific athletic training, strength and conditioning, speed and agility, weight loss, lean muscle building, injury related rehabilitation, core strengthening , improved balance, nutrition and overall health wellness. 
 “ All training is by appointment only that takes place  in a private facility furnished with all new equipment for a private one on one experience to avoid the hassle of traditional gyms like waiting to use equipment and feeling of being watched while you workout. 

With the safety of our clients and staff in mind, we clean and sanitize after each session and offer hand sanitizer for our clientele to use. 

We are easily accessible just off the 169 and 61st St. So give us a call for a free workout or consultation.

Our team

SUlly Leggett

16 years of fitness and personal training experience has helped Sully in identifying each persons needs and determining the best path to help clients achieve personal goals. His knowledge in proper weight loss, lean muscle building, strength and conditioning, speed and agility has been a mainstay for his clients in all sports and personal training goals.

Audra Leggett

With her certification for CPT, sports training-related training, biomechanics and nutrition as well as being a Registered Nurse, Audra's passion is to help both individuals and teams to achieve their goals and make a positive impact on people’s lives. 

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